Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A green thought in a green shade

As I'm sitting here it's been raining more or less continuously for a day with another day's worth waiting to come in off the North Sea. Still if it didn't rain ever this place would soon disappear. The land around Driffield is pretty leaky with lots of springs where the rain that's percolated through the chalky Yorkshire Wolds spurts out. The Keld (from the Scandinavian/Viking for spring) is one such water hole that used to be part of a water powered mill. The whole area is now protected as part of the Millennium Greens project and is well worth searching out (it's not well sign posted).

Driffield Beck


  1. Isn't Blue Keld Water bottled thereabouts? Good to see that the authorities are relaxing your ASBO conditions and allowing you to travel way outside Hull. I am guessing you were tagged for this visit. I would like to go there some day myself.

    1. Yes quite right Blue Keld is bottled about 10 miles south around Hutton Cranswick I believe. Funny I saw some Blue Keld ice cubes in the local Sainsbury's this morning.People will buy anything. I'm allowed out these days but have to be back before it gets dark or who knows what might happen.

  2. Good thing the signage isn't good. I'll bet that's what keeps the place so lovely.

    ASBO. I never knew that. A useful acronym.