Friday, 2 May 2014

Round Square

Long, long ago Margot's parents came to Hull for her graduation ceremony in the City Hall. They stopped off for a meal in a Chinese restaurant, after their meal they asked the way to the City Hall and were told to go along the road until they came to the "round square". From that day forth Queen Victoria square has been known in these circles as the round square. Back then it had traffic circulating the regal urinals and did not look like a paved desert. We are told this space will feature prominently in the 2017 C of C thing; well that'll be fun then won't it....

CDP's Square theme is here.


  1. Wonderfully framed shot of a look into the future :).

  2. Great round square. C of C?

    1. Hull is to be the UK City of Culture (C of C) in 2017 should we live that long.