Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Though the archway and beyond

This is the archway entrance to the old Trinity House school that has now moved to bigger premises across town.
Now then, this being the well ordered place that it is a row has broken out between Trinity House who own the building and the Council. TH want to knock down the red brick building you see in the background and turn the cleared area into a  car park! (Yes the cars would have to pass through this archway) Not to be outdone the Council have decided to make the street outside this place a pedestrian area, effectively putting the kibosh on TH's madcap little scheme and upsetting several other businesses in the process. The Council claims it wants to attract more people to use the Princes Dock side cafes but as the pedestrianisation is only in effect between 11am and 4pm it's not going to affect the evening/night trade and seems to be a quite perverse action. But, hey, it's not the first stupid thing the Council has done and I doubt it will be last.


  1. One of your favourite sports seems to be knocking the council so why not try to get elected yourself? You could stand on an independent ticket or maybe UKIP? There would be car stickers, rosettes, leaflets, everything. Maybe you'd get to be The Mayor of Hull.

  2. Replies
    1. Think you not that the poor people of Hull have suffered enough?