Sunday, 25 May 2014


Taken by Margot K Juby
OK try not laugh. This is the only jacaranda tree I've seen in this country and it's a very straggly pale specimen. Since the jacaranda is really at home in tropical and sub-tropical regions of central America and the Caribbean I don't think it's a wonder it grows at all in the temperate, at times nithering, north of England. (but see here for what these beauties can do when they really get going) It's also been protected during the renovation of the Cleminson Hall site.


  1. Opened to full size, this photo is quite impressive, so don't worry about people laughing--it's a great shot.

  2. The jacaranda is a beautiful tree. I didn't realize it was having trouble in the southern Hemisphere. So far, so good in Pasadena:

  3. That is definitely not a Jacaranda tree. The Jacaranda is a type of Mimosa, with the classic ferny leaves, not a single leaf like on this tree.

    1. You know I think you may be right, Cathi. I think it's probably a foxglove tree. Oops!

  4. Hi
    I stumbled on this when I was digging around in Google. Jacarandas grow very well in South Africa, including Johannesburg and Pretoria where they have frequent winter frosts and even the occasional snow fall. My great grandfather was apparently partly involved in getting them into South Africa from South America.

  5. I think this is bean catalpa tree, not Jacaranda but still beautiful. We have a purple one and love it.