Thursday, 26 June 2014


You might have heard that Hull is to be the City of Culture in 2017 and I may have mentioned that Humber Street with its old greengrocers' warehouses was becoming a centre for the arts ...yada yada. Well the reality is that not much is actually going on there and many of the warehouses and buildings remain unused and in parts in a frankly disgusting state (see yesterday's post). Sure over the years I've read of countless plans to do the place up but in fact proposals to re-use these buildings are only just now going before the Council. 
If you're in Hull on Saturday there's a big 'Thank You' party being put on to thank the people of Hull for, well I don't quite know what, not chucking rotten eggs the 2017 C of C zealots I suppose, it's not as if they had any say in the matter. Only another 900 or so more days of this ... 


  1. You sound like Victor Meldrew! Be positive and get behind the City of Culture push! The team that won the bid deserve much applause and now plenty of practical and moral support.

  2. 900 days sounds like such a long time, doesn't it?