Monday, 23 June 2014

I spy with my little eye something beginning with M ...

Well here's a pleasant enough old wall on Eastgate with an ancient gateway and all, must have been there for hundreds of years. Well no, not quite, maybe fifty or so. This was part of Beverley Priory situated behind where I took this photo and it was all cleared away to make room for housing. The gateway, from the 16th century, was moved across the street in 1964 to "ensure permanent preservation" in the words of a nearby green plaque. The keen eyed amongst you might have noticed the Minster poking up in the background I don't think that has been moved recently.


  1. Nice of them to save the gateway. Looks very nice all around if you don't count the parked cars.

  2. The wall looks good, and the church looks magnificent!

  3. Moving is better than tearing down.