Thursday, 5 June 2014

Newland Homes

Way, way back in 1821 there was founded the Port of Hull Society for the Religious Instruction of Seamen originally to administer to the spiritual needs of sailors and their families but later also their welfare and educational wants and, more especially, the needs of  sailors' orphans. As demand grew a village of twelve 'cottage homes' (each named after one of the rich sponsors who had clearly not read Matthew 6:3!) was built in and around 1897 on  Cottingham Road and housed at one time 360 children. It had its own school and sanatorium. As the years rolled by with welcome changes in child care fewer and fewer children were being placed in  these homes and they were sold off in 2004 leaving only the school still running. There is an excellent history of all this here.
The homes were originally built with yellow bricks which over the years thanks to coal fires and so on  have become mucky, for want of a better word. When new buildings were erected nearby, they too had to be of yellow brick and they don't half stand out.

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  1. I wonder if sandblasting would be possible on the older houses.