Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy ...

You turn your back for a moment and strange things pop up all over the place. I'd not been in town for a couple of weeks (yes it's possible to live without the delights of Hull) so it was a bit of surprise to find kitted fishes adorning the buildings and what can only be called woollen condoms for the Maritime Museum's guns. The reason for all this madness: 'Follow the Herring' celebrating the old east coast herring fishing industry. A major feature is the knitting of a 'coat for a boat' which you can see below, as I say they get up to all sorts when you're not looking ...

14th century font full of fish
Coat for a boat


  1. That is so strange, but fun! I especially like the church font with fish, lol!

  2. This is yarn bombing with a purpose. I like when cities get all whimsical and fun. Mine doesn't ever do that. Sigh.

  3. That's a step above yarn bombing!