Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jack Kaye Walk

Jack Kaye Walk connects Ella Street and Goddard Avenue. If this bridge or tunnel looks a bit odd for a footpath that's because originally the Cottingham Drain ran through here until it was culverted and turned into a  path. This place used to attract the graffiti artists and that was frowned upon now it's been 'decorated' by a 'community' group and that's OK. Jack Kaye ran a shop on Ella Street that has since been pulled down and is now housing. There's a plaque that reads "Jack Kaye, Epicurean Grocer served the Avenues area 365 days a year from this shop here 1947 to 1998" seems a bit OTT for a corner shop proprietor but maybe he was special.


  1. Jack Kay certainly was something special.

    For many years, his shop was the only one for miles around that was open on a Sunday. That alone made the shop (situated on the corner nearly opposite the walk) locally famous - everybody knew that this was the place to go to for the things you forgot to buy on Saturday and needed for Sunday lunch.

    The chap was a real personality too - always cheerful and helpful, and greatly liked by his customers. Personally, I don't think the naming of the walk is OTT at all, but I can certainly understand why it might seem that way to people who didn't know him and his shop.

    1. he was a legend ! if you asked for something that he didnt have he made sure he got it. if my daughter was ill and i couldnt get out he would bring stuff round to me too. service with a smile at all times

  2. Thanks for this John. I did think there had to be more to this than I knew about.

  3. It does look like an odd passageway.