Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hull Rickshaw

Seems to be the year for novel ways of  getting around the city and seeing the sights. I told you about the land train a few weeks back now we have a rickshaw to carry you about by foot power. The guy in the shades, Neil Worner, is in charge of this little project, he used to drive a white van now he pedals passengers around town and the Avenues area. It sounds like a nice idea but I expect if you're stuck in the tailback behind him you might have other ideas. I've seen a promo video he made and can only say that shy and introverted are not words that spring to mind. You wanna see? It's here.
Just noticed the England flag, must have taken this during the World Cup, you remember the World Cup? Me neither.


  1. I've seen the odd one of those around here too, but usually we have the more conventional rickshaws.

  2. How neat.

    I've been watching 'On the Yorkshire Buses' about a Hull based family run bus company. Keep looking for you and your camera :).

    1. I saw about ten minutes of that program, made Hull buses seem much more exciting than they are but then that's TV for you.