Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Laura Norder

With crime rising in Humberside for the first time in ten years and the police aiming to make £30 million savings over the next few years with the loss of 800 jobs it is, perhaps, little wonder that public confidence in Humberside Police is the lowest in the country. You may think there are five police officers in this picture but in fact there is only one. Police community support officers dress like coppers and stroll around like coppers but no-one takes 'em seriously. 


  1. Doing things on the cheap backfires badly in the end.

  2. Love your title.

    I think Wall Street and its equivalents have a lot to answer for world wide.

  3. What can they do on the streets, the community support officers?

    1. Very little, they cannot arrest anyone and basically they seem to be a cheap substitute for real policing.