Monday, 11 September 2017

"Amazing murals adding colour to Beverley Road ..."

So ran the headline in the local supplier of hyperbole aka the Hull Daily Mail a few months back and as it's Monday I can't be bothered to argue. This one depicts the courageous struggle of a yellow coffee cup with sword and shield against an army of red ones ... like I say it's Monday just go with the flow. There's another equally "amazing" mural up the road.... maybe some other time.

There are more Monday murals here.


  1. I passed this mural so often on the bus and thought it depicted dozens of foaming pints of ale. I'm so disappointed I may cry.

  2. I think the yellow cup is decaf coffee. No wonder the guys in red are so hyped up. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  3. I think you are missing the symbolism here. I see this is on the wall next to Choppers Coffee (and sandwich) Bar. Their name board features a bright yellow like the yellow coffee cup. Is it an accident that the massed cups are exactly the shade of red that Costa Coffee one of the big national chains uses for their cups. Surely this represents the little local company fighting off the big national company - a sort of take on David and Goliath.

    1. Thanks for pointing this out. Not being a coffee drinker I must admit to my ignorance of the colours of the big brands or of this shop's distinctive yellow. So yeah you're probably right and my ignorance surfaces once again.