Monday, 18 September 2017

Some Hull stuff

The Prospect Centre is having some work done on the lift and to protect Joe Public boards have been erected and to hide or brighten up these boards these decorative Hull based adornments have been added. So clockwise from the top right: Amy Johnson seeming to leap from England to Australia; a footballing tiger representing the local football club, Hull City aka the Tigers (though this year I'm told they are playing like pussy cats), a fisherman with what appear to be laughing cod (clearly a Mickey take of the Hessle Road mural), and finally a not very convincing and somewhat puzzled Philip Larking (as the Daily Mail recently called him) with a toothy toad. There's another panel that I couldn't photograph (on account of there being a stall in the way) with rugby players on it but I reckon you can have too much of a good thing.

There are more Monday murals here.


  1. Fine cartoon mural. It adds a bit of fun and color to the nieghborhood

  2. Mr. Larking looks like an accountant.

  3. Sadly, all the cultural references are lost on me. Except maybe the codfish jumping out of the water. But the images are entertaining just as they are. What does the grinning frog mean? Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

    1. The grinning frog is meant to be a toad, the bald headed guy is meant to be Philip Larkin who wrote two poems called Toad and Toad Revisited. A few years ago the town was filled with glass fibre Toads to commemorate the anniversary of his death.