Sunday, 24 September 2017

Just the other day I was saying ...

... what Trinity Square needed to make it complete after the installation of its very expensive reflective puddles was a dozen or so steel cylinders, make them about twelve foot tall, perforated and accessible so you can look up at the sky; oh and lit up at night. You see someone was listening ...

This well ventilated installation (described as "thought provoking" but what the provoked thoughts might be I leave to your imagination) is the latest in the seemingly never ending Year of Cultural Largesse. It does have one good thing going for it: It'll be gone by next year.

The Weekend in Black and White is here.


  1. I love your photos. I particularly like the bright reflections in the second image.
    That being said, though - I wonder who thought that this installation would enhance the appearance of the Minster! It might look a lot better in different surroundings. (By the way, it used to be possible to buy the sheets left over after sequins had been stamped - these look like the remnamts of rectangular sequins.)

  2. looking forward to see what they have done with Trinity next time we are in Hull. Enjoyed your view.