Saturday, 5 January 2013

Goodfellowship and a little gripe

The Goodfellowship pub is just along the road from my house so would probably classify as my local were I ever to partake of beverages of an alcoholic nature. As pubs go this is big, verging on enormous with an extension off to the left that's out of shot. It's really not my scene.
It seems to be the norm now to ride your bicycle on the pavement. It's illegal, of course, but nothing is ever done about it. When I was young only little kiddies rode on the pavement and we couldn't wait to grow up and ride on the road like proper grown ups. Needless to say there is a proper marked out cycle lane but, hey, it's not cool to use that.


  1. That place is huge! I agree with you about where bicycles belong, in the bicycle lane!

  2. Regarding cycling on the pavement, I'm a cyclist and do ride on the pavement occasionally, not very often, as I know it is wrong. But sometimes it is necessary as either cars are parked in cycle lanes, or like recently, they are flooded. I guess that when (and possibly you) were young, there weren't so many cars on the road and the roads themselves were in better condition; no pot holes etc.

    It's good that this pub is still open, as so many are closing for one reason or another. Hope they get enough custom to keep going

  3. Aside from the gripe, I wonder about the historyt of the building. It looks like a big old house. Do you suppose it once was?

    1. It's probably not that old, c1920's. It's in that mock Tudor style that was so popular back then.

    2. Interesting! My house was built in that style in 1924. I hadn't realized it was popular in both countries--a Craftsman offshoot, I would guess.