Friday, 18 January 2013

Grey skies are gonna clear up .....ain't they?

As I've said before a walk around the city centre these days can be a really depressing experience. There are so many empty shops and the prospect of more to come. It's been a really grim week for job losses. The closures of HMV, Blockbusters (even Gwenap!) and many more mean that nationwide 17,000  jobs have gone or are under threat in the past week with only 2500 jobs created [ 1 ]. Still not to worry the Government, busy spreading sunshine all over the place, tells us that the economy is on the mend and they wouldn't lie to us, would they?


  1. Nice capture... I like the fact that the sign is handwritten.

  2. Same here!
    The first week after new year, 2 shops closed and I don't see the situation getting better in the coming months..sorry for being so depressing :)