Monday, 14 January 2013

Then and Now

King Edward Street, January 2013
I've been asked to consider how has my photography changed over the life of this blog? Well there are  fewer 'touristy' shots although they still appear from time to time. I think my composition has improved and my pictures are more vibrant. I take far fewer pictures now than I used to (better fewer but better, as somebody once said). I don't worry too much about the photography to be honest, I think that the picture is only half the blog, the writing is often more interesting to me than the image. Anyhow, above a recent photo of some street furniture and below the very first image in the blog. There's a difference but is it an improvement?

This post is part of City Daily Photo's Festival of  the Belly Button, a possibly pointless exercise in navel gazing.

St Stephen's Shopping Mall, April 2010


  1. I endeavour to find a balance between image and text, BB. And I prefer to have the text tell me something the image has not already conveyed. Like Richie not describing each ball of an over, rather the settings and the obvious traps.

    To me it is not only more interesting, but also more vibrant. The earlier image does not have a focus. It could be that stunning roof, but then you would need to fill the lens with it.

    Thank you for participating in this our first festival. Navel gazing is never pointless. Look at all the lint there is to discover.

  2. The second image is more vibrant. I too like the text, in general I do my posts in a sequence that builds into a story ... the photos are often not so great but they are there for making a point

  3. Both have their own story to tell Billy.

  4. A year ago last November, I took a series of pictures of things I saw just across the street from a relative's home - a beautiful old barn, winter sun shining across the bare fields, the lichen-covered fence in her backyard. I made prints and gave them to her at Christmas. She DID NOT even recognize the scenes! Not a one. It took my brother to point out to her that those scenes were just outside her own house.
    This is when I knew I was on the right track with my pictures, to try to show people something beautiful in things they pass by every day.

  5. I like the changes. I'm still closer to your first photo than your latest, but we all move at a different pace! I should spend more time on my text. Thank you for sharing!