Tuesday, 8 January 2013

One law for them and another law for us

How long do you think this building has been allowed to be like this? 6 months? A year? Two? Nope for over fourteen years this atrocious eyesore and blight to the amenity of the area has stood empty, vandalised and damaged by fire. Strange then that the Council have done nothing to make the owners tidy it up, clear out the weeds and properly board it up. Stranger still that the same Council have pressured a disabled woman whose property is nearby with threats of legal action because she is unable to clear her garden.

This was once Blundell Street Board School opened in 1878. Blundell Street is long gone but the building remains. Twenty-five  or more years ago this building it was a School of Architecture; then it became the University of Humberside Student Union with the fancy name of the Strand (there's a Strand Close nearby). Then that closed in the late nineties and the the fun and games started. The vandals (educated no doubt in Hull's schools) got in and ripped the place apart, there were numerous fires, the back of the building has no roof. Now it's just a festering sore and the people who live nearby have just got put up with it because the Council say "No!" to plans to demolish and build accommodation. One can only hope that one day Hull City Council get what is coming to it.


  1. It would make a fantastic set for a haunted house movie.

    Follow the money, William. Who owns it? Know that, and you'll know why the council doesn't make a move.

  2. Hull City Council is composed of thugs & bullies woven together by a mesh of corruption. One day someone will shine a bit of light into their dark pit & we'll see all manner of monsters & freaks.

  3. The movie idea sounds good. I guess the owners think it is cheaper to just leave it like this. But they really aren't clever people.

    1. It is owned by the University of Lincoln. They want to knock it down and build flats but the Council wont let them. It's the Council at fault here, once again.