Friday, 16 August 2013

Business School

This is one of three similar buildings surrounding a sunken lawn and rose garden that make up Hull University Business School. Originally these buildings were a teacher training college producing much needed educators to enlighten the youth of this country and lead them out of the pernicious evils of illiteracy and ignorance. Now it produces those jacks-of-all-trades-and-masters-of-none known as managers (see below). Still there's no shortage of applicants willing to cough £9,000 a year to "develop the capacity to recognise the connections that make a difference and think creatively to lead change in a responsible way, whatever their role on the global business stage". Well they talk a good talk I'll give them that.
As I was taking this shot a horny-handed son of toil who happened to be passing commented  "That'll make a pretty picture". I couldn't agree more.

manager n 1: An egotistic lemming, often with delusions of competency, able to leap small bandwagons with a single phrase. 2. One who occupies one’s time with meetings, seminars, and training, thereby keeping oneself out of the way of people who are actively trying to accomplish something. the revised devil's dictionary

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