Sunday, 11 August 2013

Green House

Here's a place that seen many uses over the years. The bit on the right is the remains of a Presbyterian church schoolroom. The church, I've read, was an imposing yellow brick building with its own tram stop at the rear! It was knocked down in the 1970's and the nondescript shed built in its place. The first I saw of this place it had been painted all over in a rather dull green and was functioning as a pub called The Green Man. Then it was a ten pin bowling alley for a while before just recently becoming a dance academy. This verdant building is more or less directly opposite yesterday's blue house. It's not always so colourful on Holderness Road.

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  1. Under the guise of unsafe or some other grotesque ridiculous excuse many a fine building in Hull have disappeared over the years, Hitler didn't help but neither did the legal authorities of all political persuasions of the day.