Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ernest W. Steele & Co Ltd

Another unsafe empty property in the slough of despond that is the rancid centre of Hull. This one on Osborne Street, a broad thoroughfare running as fast as it can away from Princes Quay and yet another victim of the blight caused by the failure of redevelopment. Clearly there has been a name board removed to reveal Ernest W. Steele. At least I hope there has been since E W. Steele, according to records, went into liquidation in 1968 and surely this building hasn't been standing empty since then, though anything is possible in this squalid little town.


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  2. You sure write a lot about this 'squalid little town' city actually but never mind. I have been to many places and they all have their 'squalid' areas but none have had the lack of investment Hull has suffered since WW2.

    I despaired about the amount of money spent in our capital city all in the name of the Olympics, it was nothing of the sort. It was just another excuse to pour more money into a place that is already overflowing with the stuff.

    Remember the filter down feelgood factor from all this 'investment' well, yet again, Hull didn't get a penny and despite our boxer Luke doing well don't expect any miracles soon.

    1. It was not an accidental use of 'town'. To me Hull calls itself a city but suffers from a small town mentality, that's if cities/town can have a mentality.
      I completely agree with your other comments.

    2. The building was used by NGoldstone until 1984 when they closed down It has been used casually since then but has mainly been empty.
      My father worked there and inside the building had a lovely parque flooring. The roller door was once a big timber one which would pull round and behind it was a large Garsge / loading bay