Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hands Off Hands On!

I have to admit to not really being a museum sort of person. Ever since I was dragged round museums as a child I've harboured the thought that they really are as dead as the exhibits. Still some like to take their children along for something 'educational' and this little place, the Hands On museum near Holy Trinity Church, which I personally found dull as a grey day, was just the ticket for inquisitive little minds to potter about in. Especially since those little minds' little hands could actually get to handle the exhibits. You'll notice that I used the past tense there and that's because, and you may like to sit down at this point, from April the Council of this glorious City of Culture is closing this museum to public admissions. Yes, in future only booked groups, such as schools, will be admitted.
Notice of the closure only emerged after staff were consulted about cuts to opening hours to save money. At least the Council were ashamed and deny trying to sneak this past everyone on the sly (I never believe anything until it has been officially denied). When the news broke about a week ago there was outrage and anger. So there's now a Facebook group to get this decision reversed and a petition with over 1100 signatures. We shall see how the Council responds. 
Anyhow there's me rattling on and not mentioning that this building was the old Hull Grammar School built in 1583 or thereabouts and alma mater to Andrew MarvellWilliam Wilberforce and countless other forgotten scholars. 


  1. I went there a few years ago. Probably one of the dullest museums I have been in. I like museums - even dull ones but I think the limited council budget could be better spent elsewhere in this case.

  2. Not all museums are worthy. With yours and the above comment, you have to wonder how many of those 1100 signatories had been in the museum recently.

  3. Hmm. I blew up the photo and, seeing that entry is free, I thought maybe charging admission might save this particular museum. But you and Jamie don't seem to think anybody would pay to see it.

  4. Typical Hull Council. They're also destroying a bat roost and flattening a lovely old cemetery in order to widen a road. When they hear the word "culture", they reach for their revolvers...