Saturday, 15 March 2014

Witham & I

Yesterday I had an appointment on Witham otherwise I would not normally spend any time there at all. I have mentioned before that it's a bleak and dismal space occupied mainly by car sales, small auto related businesses and various night time attractions. I don't think anybody actually lives on this street. There is an isolated pub that has somehow survived Hitler and the demolition crazies. In this desolate landscape there's a big Council office which was where I was bound.


  1. Hang on a minute, that MEP Godfrey Bloom once spoke of Bongo Bongo Land. And in the second picture I can see those same words "Bongo Bongo". Is that the name of the council offices you were visiting?

  2. P.S. Please don't answer the current picture quiz on my humble blog as I am sure you will know the answer immediately but other visitors will probably be baffled.