Monday, 17 March 2014

Rotten Apple

How time flies when nothing is happening. Three years ago I posted about this fine piece of urban dereliction and it's still there pretty much as it was then only minus a window that fell out and smashed into the bus stop. Finally the Council has gathered its petticoats up and in high dudgeon declared that it must be fixed or else, à la Violet-Elizabeth Bott, it'll scream and scream and knock it down itself. Can't see the owners wasting money on this so this show should be worth watching especially with all this City of Culture on the horizon they'll be wanting to tidy the place up a bit.


  1. Do I detect a smidgeon of cynicism in your attitude towards those in authority?

  2. Hull is having troubles, surely. Tumult can result in good or bad.

  3. I am from Hull and fedup of all the negatively that gets published about it. Think some people should come and visit this City of Culture 2017 before they make comments on here! Things have changed a lot in recent times and plenty of people including myself are proud to be from Hull.