Saturday, 22 March 2014

Millennium Bridge

There seems to have been a bit of  a bridge building craze at the fag of the last century with the result that there are lots of Millennium Bridges spanning rivers up and down the country. Some like the Gateshead Bridge have a stunning original design whilst another suffered well known design failings. Here in Hull we got a simple lift up bridge with a bright yellow counterbalance. I read in a recent article that looking at the bridge one could almost imagine being in Copenhagen. I don't know whether that's good thing or not.

The Weekend Reflections are here.


  1. Even though it isn't like the Gateshead Bridge, surely this bridge is useful too... I like the reflection in a puddle...

  2. Ah the famous "millenium bridge", We've heard a lot of it about a (stupid) documentary regarding pyramids... ^^ Happy to see that it is still up despite all the trash people said of his architect...