Tuesday, 22 May 2012

County Hall, Beverley

Once upon a time the county of Yorkshire (known to some, but not me, as God's own county) was, like Gaul, divided into three parts or ridings. The north, west and east ridings had been there since Adam were a lad, as they say in these parts. Then some clever chap (a southerner) thought this will never do, so, in the name of progress, the ridings were abolished and new counties were manufactured. It came to pass that the monstrosity known as Humberside was brought forth into the world unloved and unwanted and foisted onto the good folk of the east riding and north Lincolnshire. It couldn't last and it didn't last. With a haste that central government has never shown before (that is to say after 22 years) the East Riding of Yorkshire Council was recreated. Throughout all the shenanigans County Hall in Beverley has been the seat of local political and administrative power. Standing red and resolute, it's a conservative looking building with a conservative party in office in saecula saeculorum or so it would appear.

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