Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Things to do on a unicycle

So I'm having  a stroll round the dock when I come across a couple of shifty looking characters who waited till I got past them before one of them hops on a unicycle and proceeds to pedal, calm as you like, round the perimeter wall of the dock entrance. The wall is about eighteen inches wide and four or five feet high; fall off and it's a small pathway between safety and a drop into the dock. He made it safe enough until he came to some steps when he simply hopped down the steps, still on the cycle, and pedalled away round the corner. His mate was filming the whole event on a phone, he probably got better shots than me as it took me a while to get my trusty Fuji out of my bag. 
If you're wondering about things not to do on a unicycle I came across this page which is full of really useful tips.

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