Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jackson's Bakery

Fine I thought when I read that today's theme was 'bakeries', I'll go take a shot at Jackson's bakery. There's usually something interesting going on around there. So I go and find that they've put up a large building blocking out all the going's on, that's the yellow thing on the right. Hmmph!
Jackson's are a successful Hull institution, they been going since 1851 and at one time nearly every main street had a Jackson's shop on it. The shops were sold off to Sainsbury's (boo hiss) and the company now concentrates on food manufacture. About a million loaves a week are made here but until recently none of them were sold in Hull; most of the produce goes to sandwich makers and food service companies in the UK and Europe. There's often a  smell of baking bread  filling the air round here.

To see how the dough has been rising in other places click here .

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