Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Star & Garter

I took this for the nice red staircase then I saw that I had included the Star & Garter in the shot. I've been in this pub maybe once or twice nearly thirty years ago. Dire is too good a word for the place. Looking back  I see now why the Samaritans building is so close by ....

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  1. Do **NOT** visit this pub unless you're built like a rugby player or are a glutton for punishment. There is a very high degree you will be plied with drugs or assaulted - possibly both. I've been attacked twice here in less than 18 months. Both times the staff were blithely indifferent; each time they appeared to know the attacker - certainly the bouncer did on the first occasion.

    The second time I was angered by their inaction and called the police. The attacker was allowed, or encouraged, to leave, so of course by the time the police arrived it was too late to do anything. The staff pretended like I had made no complaint whatever - which was a barefaced lie - and they were backed up scores of regulars who were clearly more interested in helping the establishment save face than address the problem of violent behaviour.