Sunday, 20 May 2012

Goodbye Goodfellows

Here was the Goodfellows supermarket on Sharp Street which had been closed for a while. It was knocked down, picked up, dumped in a big lorry and taken away. They (whoever they may be) intend to build houses on the site. Well nothing is ever as straight forward as that, is it? There's the problem of what is going to happen to the WW1 memorial that used to hang on the corner. It's a reminder of the hundred or so men from the street who went to war; many of whose descendants and relatives still live on Sharp Street. Now it's sitting in a council office waiting for the developers to make good on their promise to reinstall it. [ 1 ] Is that trouble brewing I can smell?

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  1. Urbanistic voraciousness is insatiable. Thank you for sharing!