Saturday, 4 May 2013

Alfred Gelder Street

So here's the Guildhall, on the right, stretching all the way down Alfred Gelder Street. It's a large piece of Edwardian civic preening, seemingly big was beautiful in those days. At the far end there used to be a magistrates' court where petty crooks and poor unfortunates got tried for breaking the law (just being poor was, of course, a crime, still is it seems) whilst at this end the big time crooks were running the council for their own benefit. Of course those days are long gone, the small time crooks and the poor now have their own specially built high tech court buildings (there's money to be made out of the crime business) and the councillors have no powers other than to sack council workers and rip off folk with extortionate fees and stupid regulations. And the big time boys? Well, they seem to be running the country ...

There's more monochrome merriment at the Weekend in Black and White here.


  1. It's a beautiful building, nonetheless.

  2. Beautiful building and I love the strong clouds in the sky


  3. Very nicely composed. It's certainly a fine building, and I enjoyed your commentary ;-)

  4. Great post and great b&w photo! A beautiful building!

  5. Composition of photo: great
    post: cliched, yawny
    blog on the whole: great, often hilarious