Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Creating space

At long last the 'temporary' shops on Ferensway, put up just after the last war, have been demolished. They are making way for no-one knows just quite what  yet, flats, hotel, more shops, who knows and who cares, 'cos I don't and I'm pretty confident you don't either.

Over at City Daily Photo they're having their monthly theme on 'The Creative Artisan', whatever that is supposed to mean. To me the the guy in the JCB is a worker in a skilled trade, he creates by destroying. Anyhow the link to all this nonsense is here.


  1. Interesting entry, I think the interpretation is apt :)

  2. He is an ultimate expression of what artisans do, really! Nice one.

  3. I've seen these guys at work, and they are truly artisans.