Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hull: City of Culture!

It's over two years since I posted about the Albemarle Music Centre on Ferensway. Pretty soon after that post the place was threatened with closure due to a funding crisis. Fortunately funding for three years was secured last year so it can continue to be one of the country's music hubs providing an opportunity for children to learn to sing or play a musical instrument. Money well spent I think you'll agree and I was happy to read recently that this July three orchestras involving about a hundred young musicians from the centre will play at the Music for Youth festival in Birmingham. So good luck to them.

While I'm striking a cultural note I suppose I must mention Hull's bid to be the UK City of Culture in 2017.  I kid you not. The Council's bid may have attracted some jibes from various quarters but I can see no harm in at least trying to bolster the cultural amenities of the city which are often overlooked in these desperate times. Even if they don't win, making the city a more pleasant place to live and work is surely a worthwhile investment (It's something they should be doing anyway and not waiting for patronising crumbs off the Government's table). And imagine the fun if Hull won!

After this piece appeared over the weekend bookmakers cut the odds on Hull winning to 6-1! Betting, like plagiarism, is basic to all culture. 


  1. Most of what I know of Hull, William, I know from you. When I come across it in reading history my ears perk up--that's because of you, too. I take it Hull is not considered to be a cultural hub these days, but I agree, why not try? It would be good for everyone.

    1. Part of the problem is apathy among the populace or even outright hostility. A poll run by the local paper had 58% against Hull being a City of Culture. The Council's past actions have not endeared it to anyone so there's a big hill to climb.

  2. Put me down as hostile. If we do get the gig (big if) there'll be a big bill for the natives after the circus leaves town. Good for hoteliers and caterers, financial hangover for the rest of us.

  3. Just as an addendum to your mention of Music for Youth, the City of Hull Youth Jazz Orchestra did so well in Birmingham that they were selected to play at Music for Youth's Schools Prom last week at the Royal Albert Hall. 25 young musicians trained at the Albemarle plying their trade at the country's most iconic concert hall in front of over 5,500 people. Well done to them, and long may the city find the funds to support this wonderful facility.