Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fresh Fruits

What to do with an old run down fruit and veg wholesalers' district after the market has moved on to pastures new? Knock it down and build pokey little apartments that no-body wants or leave it be and let the arts and music business take it over? Well for once the easy option of letting it be and seeing how it goes and grows seems to be working in Humber Street. So now we have a vibrant mix of art galleries, entertainment venues, recording studios and so on all seemingly thriving in these old fruit and veg warehouses. Now if something could be done about the A63/Castle Street nightmare that cuts this area off from the city it would positively boom.

This is the place responsible for the giant glitter ball idea I mentioned earlier. I have to admit to not having a clue  what 'Club Culture' could be, but if it keeps them happy who's complaining?

There's even a brewery!

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