Sunday, 12 May 2013


This is the other end of the snicket named Scott's Square. As I walked down I noticed what I thought was a some rubbish had been left in a black plastic bin liner that was just flapping in the wind that was funnelling down the passage. It occurred to me, because I read too many detective stories, that this would be a fine place to dump a body. Imagine my surprise when I came up close to find that there was indeed a body in the bag, a live one! I asked if he was OK and apologised for waking him up, he grunted something and I left him to his slumbers. I guess a man has a right to be left in peace.

You can find more monochrome images at the Weekend in Black & White here.


  1. Fine shot. I like all the lines and angles.

    Poor man, having to sleep out. He has some shelter from the rain but very little from the wind,

  2. A homeless couple passed us on our road tonight. They were friendly and cheerful. There are so many ways this can happen.

    Your man may not have been homeless, of course...