Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Portland Hotel: "one of Hull's most iconic buildings"

It's almost always fatal to be described by the local press as iconic. So it was with the Portland Hotel which went into administration last year and was sold to a 'developer' who has announced plans to turn it into student accommodation. It's on Paragon Street, a street which must hold some kind of record for business failures. As for the building itself it has few redeeming features being a seven storey brick and glass block, it's not ugly it's just boring and certainly not iconic. I've shown you the best bit here. So Hull loses a hotel but never mind there's plans for an eighteen (or was it twenty, I forget) storey monster elsewhere in town when the Council can be 'persuaded' and when pigs learn to fly.

Just by the by I saw the first swifts of Summer today, a bit late but then everything is late this year. Good to know the globe's still working.

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