Saturday, 16 August 2014

Annison Building

This building has had a few uses over the years, a livery stable, funeral directors, ex-catalogue and second hand goods store and now it's a pharmacy. It's a listed building, built around 1900 and it's unique selling point, as it were, is that the stables in the interior are upstairs reached by a ramp, it's thought that road widening restricting space necessitated the move upstairs. This survivor from a by-gone age is at the junction of Witham and Great Union Street near the North Bridge. 


  1. It looks like it has real character!

  2. Is that a courtyard I see through the archway? Nice.

    1. This is indeed a courtyard. We as the pharmacy open up the courtyard and hayloft which is our community gallery to the public Saturday's 10am-4pm for a donation you can even view the upstairs stable (proceeds go towards the renovation of the witham cart) please call into the pharmacy where a staff member will show you around