Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Building for books

The University's Brynmor Jones library is having a bit of work done to it so there's a less than academic air about the place at the moment. No doubt it'll all be settled by the end of next month when the little darlings return from their long vacations. I'm sure some of them will want to use this place, though I know of one student who got a First in English and only ever went in here once.

Seems to grown a new bit at the side and a new entrance if I'm not mistaken


  1. Good work, even if it can be inconvenient at times. Our campus library had expansions done that were finished a year ago.

  2. Hmm. And who might that student have been?

  3. Replies
    1. T'was not me if that's who you had in mind. I went to Liverpool uni and studied, if that is the word, Biochemistry. I'm a great fan of libraries, they're fine places to hide away pretending to do work.

  4. I'm a fan, too. I don't even mind working while I hide away, as long as it's work I choose.