Thursday, 14 August 2014

Keep Watching the Skies!

The old Corporation Pier, nowadays officially known as Victoria Pier, is a good place to check out the skies and the view over to Lincolnshire. If you're lucky and the tide is right then you might just catch a glimpse of something hunting in the shallows down below. 

Yup, that's a seal, okay not the best photo but definitely a seal. I've seen seals here twice so maybe they're not that rare but still an absolute bugger to photograph.


  1. I've tried photographing beavers and river otters here, and they're a real challenge.

  2. See Mr Kendall above - doesn't he realise you can get arrested for trying to photograph beavers? I find that cast iron spiral staircases provide the best opportunities.

    1. Give it a few years and your wit might almost be juvenile, Mr Pudding.