Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Seating Arrangement

These seats on Corporation Pier seem to have survived the purge on public seating currently underway in this town. From here you can rest and admire or loathe if you will the view I posted yesterday. Not many customers though (OK none). Perhaps not surprising since there's still a big hole in the pier. Is it really over eight  months since this damage was done? How time flies ...


  1. Not much to look out at, granted. We do get some of our benches removed here over the winter, but returned in the spring.

  2. If you were a lord of the realm, you could sit on that bench and look across the mighty Humber. You'd appear as a peer peering from a pier.

    Corporation Pier reminds me of the days when I played truant - on the ferry across to New Holland. It was like being in another land where there were of course no quadratic equations, chemical symbols or Latin conjugations. Sadly, I always had to come back to face the music.