Monday, 11 August 2014

Le vélo jaune

Bonjour from sunny Hull. The Tour de France, which finished recently in Paris, this year for some reason or other had its Grand Départ in Yorkshire. Cue lots of Yorkshire tourism advertising, lots of God's own county claptrap and so on and so forth. There can be few things more boring than a professional Yorkshire person gassing on about Yorkshire. Anyhoo this cycling shop not wanting to be left at the back of the peleton and not having any maillots jaunes simply sprayed up an old bike yellow. It does, however, have a red spotted shirt of the 'king of the mountains' which is kind of ironic given that Hull is flatter than a flat thing that's been flattened.


  1. I admit I do find all the fuss about a bike race to be a bit perplexing.

  2. As the archetypal professional Yorkshire person, I would just like to say that Yorkshire showed itself to the world via the Tour de France which we cheered with previously unseen enthusiasm. I was proud of my county. Sometimes cynicism appears utterly peevish or rather churlish. Yorkshire Pride is not some sort of sliced loaf, it's my religion.

    1. I see nothing cynical in this post; some mild sarcasm perhaps and outright rudeness about professional Yorkshire types but cynicism no. If I have trodden on your toes perhaps you should have moved them. And what's that old saying about pride goeth before destruction ....